Types of commercial real estate construction loans

Real estate agents, investors and developers buy underutilised or run downland and property to develop them and sell them for a profit. If you are into this business then you know how much it takes to get the properties up. You will need some type of financing to start-up these projects. It costs a lot of money to get them up and running; sometimes you will need finances to buy the land or property before you can start the construction. Developing commercial land is tiresome and tricky when you do not have the right connections; you have never done it before or when you have zero records of successful projects. As well as construction loans, large personal loans can be used for commercial real estate. 

Here is a list or development loans that could help you with your projects

  • A land development loan
large personal loans

This type of loan is perfect for investors or developers. For developing an undeveloped piece of land and they need to start some construction on it. You can also choose to divide the land into several pieces and develop them differently for residential and commercial property. Installation of power lines, water and sewer are also covered in the land development loan.

  • Acquisition and development loan

This is the perfect type of loan if the land you have is ready for development. Or land that needs some improvement in the buildings or infrastructure. This loan covers both the purchase of land and the cost of any operations and improvement needed on the land.

  • The mini-perm loan

The mini-perm loan is a temporary loan that is used for settling an incomplete construction loan or commercial property loan that has the potential to produce some sort of income. After a couple of years, lenders will replace the mini-perm loan with a long term construction loan or something similar. The best way to get this type of loan is through commercial banks.

  • The take out loan

This is a long term financing that will provide you with a permanent financing solution to replace your temporary loans which include currently existing short term financial loans. Most lenders will give you the option of securing a short term construction loan before they can approve this type of loan.

  • Interim construction loan

If you are looking for funding to cover materials and labour in a construction project, then this is the best loan for you. This type of loan is valid for 2-3 years after which you can settle the loan when you get a long term mortgage.

  • Crowdfunding

This loan will offer you some of the best financial services if you are looking to do some great construction projects. In crowdfunding, investors come together to fund your project. Investors and developers come together and chip in for the purpose of commercial development. Large investors or developers who want to build some commercial properties prefer to approach crowdfunding platforms instead of getting a loan from the bank or brokers. There are government regulations that are put in place to determine who gets a loan and who doesn’t.

Large Personal Loans

Large personal loans are unsecured loans which vary from £1,000 to £35,000. Typically they only go up to £25,000 but lenders and brokers such as Simple Personal Loans offer loans which reach all the way to £35,000. Large personal loans are perfect for renovations and home improvements. But, not so much for building as they are not large enough unless you are just needing an extra boost to add to what you already have. 


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