Major pros and cons of construction loans

Construction loans are the go-to for homeowners and investors. They’re for those who want to purchase some land and build some housed or even purchase houses and renovate them. For purchasing homes and renovating them you have more options than just a construction loan. Although construction loans help you with exactly what you need, a personal loan might be a better option. A personal loan allows you to borrow up to £35,000 and repay it over the course of 6 years. So, instead of borrowing a construction loan and repaying it all at once, a personal loan allows you to borrow it all, but pay it back in smaller monthly instalments. 

personal loan v construction loan

It is very critical to get all the information about construction loans before you make an application. Knowing everything about construction loans will help you keep in touch with reality. As well as. making the right choice. This loan can be really helpful for you and has the chance to be destructive if you do not understand how to use it.

Here are the common pros and cons of construction loans

Pro – a builder will help you get the loan

Some people may consider this as one of the biggest advantages of this loan. Hiring a professional and established builder will make the process write easier for you. Succesful builders can estimate the amount of time and finances needed for any type of construction. This makes it easier to get lenders to approve the loan. Some lenders may have it as a requirement to hire a builder.

Con- most lenders do not make a complete payout

If you do not hire the builder to carry the loan on your behalf, it is highly unlikely that the lender will approve your loan. If they do, they prefer to give them out in sections as you are doing the construction on the home. The lender will have you paying the interest on the construction loan while the home is being constructed. The interest rate on a commercial loan is typically higher than that or a mortgage.

Pro- you will get a home you’ve always wanted

The process of getting a construction loan and hiring a builder is not easy; you have to plan out everything even before you apply for the loan. The good thing is, the builder will help you make the perfect plans and with their help, you can create the home of your dreams. When you have all the qualifications for this type of loan, you can get the builder to customise the structure and design of every room to meet your standards and needs.  If you wanted a bigger kitchen or glass windows in the living room, you can get it simply because you will be able to afford it.

Con- construction loans are handy

Just like any other loans, you will have to check out your credit score and other pending loans before you can apply for a construction loan. You will also need to save up a certain amount in down payment so you can apply for the loan.  When the loan is approved, you have to ensure you are present at the site to confirm the construction is being done the right way and the builders are receiving all the materials indicated.


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